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21 Years of
Inspired Event Solutions

How do we tell the story


21 years of making dreams come true?

The architecture of eventing, big or small (private or corporate) became a passion. We focus on attention to detail and exceeding clients expectations. Every event a testament to our commitment for memorable special occasions.


Salamander provides the services needed to host unique and successful functions. We pride ourselves in taking functions to another level and offer our clients many applications of our creativity. We specialise in providing real eventing solutions – co-ordinating of events, décor, technical services (lighting – staging etc.), themes, marketing-related concepts and applications, as well as production.

The purpose of a party is to celebrate, whether for your first billion or your first dance together as a couple. Events ought to be soaked in good champagne and present a voluptuous menu. They also should be well-styled, chic and sexy. Good events appear to flow effortlessly. Guests must walk away infatuated with the memory of this 'do' and envious they did not do this before you!